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Ice Spice wasn’t short on talented peers. Many of her friends were creative hopefuls in their own right, spanning the worlds of painting, writing, and producing—yet few took her seriously as a rapper. (Never mind the fact that she had been penning lyrics since she was six.) It wasn’t until one student producer, who goes by the stage name RiotUSA, bought into Ice Spice’s vision that she released her first song, “Bully Freestyle,” in 2021. The two have been inseparable since. “We ended up clicking, and now having so much success with ‘Munch,’ I think that just makes us closer,” says Ice Spice, referring to her TikTok-viral hit from last summer. (She now refers to her fanbase as the “Munchkins,” a nickname selected via Twitter poll.)

Best Ice Spice GIF Images

Spice Girls Ice Spice GIF

Spice Girls Ice Ice Spice GIF

Signature Move Ice Spice GIF

Signature Move Ice Spice Dance GIF

Mood Ice Spice GIF

Ice Spice Signature Move GIF

Ice Spice Munch GIF

Ice Spice GIF Wallpaper

Ice Spice GIF Pfp

Ice Spice GIF Dancing

Ice Spice Emote GIF

Dance Moves Ice Spice GIF

Dance Move Ice Spice GIF

Dance Meme Ice Spice GIF

Dance Ice Spice GIF

Dance gif Ice Spice GIF

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